Human Resources

Categories of visa in Brazil


(1) Passage visa

(2) Tourism visa

(3) Temporary visa

(4) Permanent visa

(5) Informal diplomacy visa

(6) Official visa

(7) Diplomacy visa


Temporary visa in Brazil


❶ Culture and Science: maximum 2 years

❷ Business: maximum 90 days

❸ Entertainment & Sports: maximum 90 days

❹ Students: maximum 1year

❺ Work: maximum 2 years

❻ Journalist: maximum 4 years

❼ Religion: maximum 1 year


Details of work visa:


  • Conditions of acquisition:
  • Minimum 9 years of education and two years of work experience without degree of bachelor
  • Degree of bachelor related work and 1 year of work experience
  • Degree of master with units more than 360 hours, or degree of master related to work
  • Three years of work experience in the field of culture and entertainment
  • Valid period and update: two years; possible to update for only one time


>>> It is possible to transfer to permanent visa after the stay for two years.

>>> It is possible to acquire work visa for technician.

>>> It is possible to transfer to work visa from trainer. The valid period of trainer visa is one year. It is not permitted to extend the period.


Details of business visa:


  • Business visa is used for business trip so that it is not permitted to get salary in Brazil.
  • The valid period is three years. But there are two conditions to use it.
  • The longest stay for one time is 180 days
  • If one time of stay is not more than 180 days, it is possible to entry Brazil for multi-times.


Details of permanent visa:


  • It is necessary to acquire permanent visa for the directors of corporation invested by foreign companies. In order to acquire permanent visa of one person, it is required to invest more that 600,000 R$ of one person. And it is necessary to registrar to Foreign Investment Registration of Central Bank if the investment is just 600,000 R$.
  • Directors of corporations must be mentioned in the Articles of Association. The valid period of permanent visa and foreigner registration is at mot for 5 years. And it is possible to update. If foreigner registration is updated, the valid period will be extended for nine years. If owners of permanent visa live in overseas of Brazil, the visa will invalid.
  • In the case to change directors, it is required to report to Labor Office and then to registrar to Business Registration. It is also necessary to change Articles of association. As a result, new visa for new directors can be issued.


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