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The consulting flowchart to establish a business in Brazil


The consultation to establish a company or a local corporation in Brazil


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The consultation related to the procedure to establish and budget in Brazil


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To decide to investment in Bangladesh and establish a company in Brazil


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The registration of your corporation in Brazil


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The completion for establish a corporation in Brazil


***We could introduce an office or company house by the real estate, which cooperated with our company.


The company forms to establish in Brazil


The company forms to establish in Brazil are as follows


(1) Limited Liability Company: investment by shareholder, management by officers

(2) Corporation Community: the inventors provide management stipulated in the Articles of association.


The procedure to establish a business in Brazil


① To decide an agent and the information of corporation


In order to establish a business in Brazil, the local residence must register as a legal representative.


② To send a notary and certification of documents to Brazil


It is needed to make the Articles of association, a letter of to establish and registrar format in English and then make a notary in a notary office. After making a notary in the Brazil consulate, it is required to send these documents to Brazil.


③ To apply for the business brand


It is necessary to confirm the business brand in the Brazil Business Registration.


④ To provide the translation of documents


In order to register for a corporation in Brazil, the head office is also required to acquire Tax Registration Numbers from the year of 2002. The documents to submit must be in Portuguese, so it is necessary to ask the public translator to translate these documents.


⑤ To acquire the CNPJ (Tax Registration Numbers) of head office


In order to acquire the Tax Registration Numbers, foreign companies should apply it to the Union Tax Office or Brazil Bank.


⑥ To register the Articles of association of corporation

After acquire the CNPJ of head office, it is needed to make the Articles of association. Then, the Articles of association are required to register to the Junta Commercial.


The following are required to mentioned in the Articles of association.


Business Brand; the registration address; the information of investors and the scope of liability; the information and rights of Legal Representative; the information, rights, a way of resolution, scope of work and scope of liability of administrator; the purpose to establish business; the capital of registration, the issued shares, the price of per share and so on; account period, contribution; exemption from liability; expulsion of investors; breakup and clearing; trial


⑦ To acquire the CNPJ of corporation in Brazil => To start a business


After finishing the registration of Articles of association, the application of investment has been accepted and Taxation Office will certificate the CNPJ of corporation in Brazil. After acquiring the CNPJ, the business stipulated in Articles of association can be started generally. And the publication of receipts, the employment of staffs, the establishment of an account and the acquisition of Digital Certificate can also conducted.


⑧ To establish an account


It is necessary to establish an account in Brazil City Bank to pay the capital. There are also some other banks, like the big four banks in Brazil and HSBC.


⑨ To remit a capital and register to Brazil Bank


⑩ To submit a register to each office


After acquiring the CNPJ of corporation in Brazil, it is necessary to make an additional registration to Business Registration, Financial Office, City Office and other offices of different levels such as national, provincial and city. The application of some other organization related, such as INSS, SISCOMEX, Corcesp should also be conducted at this timing. It takes about three mouths.


⑪ The completion to establish a business


After this procedure, the process to establish a business has been finished. In the case to establish a limited liability company, the process will take about six mouths.


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