Association of accounting firm in Brazil is a local accounting and consulting firm specializing in foreign companies that want to incorporate its business in Brazil. Working with over twenty local affiliates, it has been supporting to incorporate business in Brazil since its inauguration.


Thus, the association in Brazil is successfully equipped to offer world-class services to clients in Brazil, with the insight and expertise of the local firm it is in essence.


Why incorporate business in Brazil


According to e-commerce intelligence firm E-bit, in 2014, online purchasing in Brazil grew by 24% compared with the previous year. It means Brazil’s growing middle class and its increasing purchasing power together with vastly improved Internet access. If you incorporate business in Brazil, you can take great growing Brazilian market.


Obstacles of incorporation in Brazil


Incorporation business in Brazil can be a daunting task without the right help. For your business to succeed you must have competent local business contacts.


Brazil’s legal system is much more bureaucratic than most countries. We can help your complex case like that. If you unprepared to incorporate business in Brazil. that is a leap into the unknown due to the peculiar legal, cultural, and especially bureaucratic characteristics of Brazil.


We can help nurture your business through to maturity, avoiding the pitfalls of a foreign market and seizing opportunities in this exciting economy. We are a Brazilian market entry services and solutions company, specialized in execution-oriented Incorporation Services,


Our solutions


Business Setup – Company Formation/Registration, Incorporation and Management of companies, Accounting services, Financial/Internal Audit services, Payroll, Tax, Social Insurance. As well as these execution-oriented core services, we also provide a wide range of consulting-oriented through our top quality consultants.


Through our knowledge, experience and connections will reduce your incorporation costs and processing times while maximizing your success.


If you want to early incorporate your business, you should to contact us!




Business Setup
Tax Services
Accounting Services
Internal Audit
Payroll Services

What is our differentiation?

We can support as the position of external CFO
We can offer by overwhelmingly reasonable price than major audit firm
We can support one-stop service – accounting, taxation, labor and legal affairs.

We always provide you up-to-date information by “Wiki-Investment”, the data base of foreign direct investment.
Rapid response is possible.
We lead your business to success by using our original Monthly Strategic Report
We can help your reporting to the parent company.
We can offer multi courtiers service because we have 44 locations in 27 countries.
We can provide Employee Evaluation System that promote sales and productivity in organization.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.